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Delivering long-term value

Prudential delivered a strong, broad-based performance in 2014. Our core strategy of focusing on the three main opportunities available to us in Asia, the US and the UK – serving the protection and investment needs of the growing middle class in Asia, providing income in retirement to American baby boomers and meeting the financial needs of an ageing British population – is unchanged. It continues to serve us well.

The execution of this strategy, driven by the operating principles set out in 2009, is central to the Group’s continued success and reflects the dedication and quality of our people and their focus on meeting the distinct needs of our customers across the business. This has been one of the key factors enabling us to outperform in the markets in which we compete, delivering value for our customers and sustainable returns for our shareholders.

Creating value


24m life customers worldwide


173% total shareholders’ return1 achieved since 2010


23,047 employees worldwide


£19.6m total community
investment spend

The Directors’ Report of Prudential plc for the year ended 31 December 2014 is set out on pages 1 to 14, 71 to 92 and 313 to 352 and includes the sections of the Annual Report referred to in these pages.

  1. Total shareholders’ return represents the growth in the value of a share plus the value of dividends paid, assuming that the dividends are reinvested in the Company’s shares on the ex-dividend date.


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